Charge: The Faculty Employment Hearings Committee shall exercise the following duties and responsibilities:

(1) Hear all appeals from tenured faculty arising under Section 603 of The Code of The University of North Carolina (“Due Process Before Discharge or the Imposition of Serious Sanctions”). These appeals shall be heard by the full committee.

(2) In all other appeals arising from administration decisions involving termination of nontenured faculty employment, and non-reappointment under the Committee’s jurisdiction, the Committee may establish an ad hoc panel of at least three Committee members appointed by the chair to conduct these hearings, receive evidence, and report to the full committee for the Committee’s deliberation and recommendation. The panel report shall include records, transcripts, all other written material, and the panel’s recommendation.

No Committee member may participate in the discussion or decision on his or her own appeal or in any other case in which that committee member has participated in the recommendations from departments, the electoral divisions, or other University committees.

For all appeals, the Committee shall receive evidence, conduct hearings, and report its findings and recommendations to the department head and the department head’s immediate supervisor or to the Chancellor, as required by relevant policy, and, as appropriate, to the Chair of the Senate, on appeals from administration decisions involving discharge or the imposition of serious sanctions, termination of faculty employment, and non-reappointment. In exercising its responsibility, the Committee shall use the definition of terms and the procedures for such hearings which are established by The Code of The University of North Carolina, and the Promotion, Tenure, Academic Freedom and Due Process Regulations of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Membership: Four (4) tenured voting General Faculty members elected at-large by a vote of the General Faculty; plus one (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate.

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