Charge: The Faculty Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion shall be an advisory general faculty committee, administered by the UNCG Faculty Senate and appointed by the electoral divisions of the UNCG Faculty Senate. The Faculty Committee shall address ongoing planning and implementations of the university’s equity, diversity and inclusive excellence initiatives from a faculty perspective. The Committee specifically shall focus on:

  • hiring practices to grow and develop a diverse faculty (i.e., as related to recruitment, retention, and mentoring under-represented faculty),
  • cultural competence and responsiveness across the community and within curricula, and
  • discrimination based age, race, gender, disability, religion, socio-economic status, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

The Faculty Committee shall collaborate with the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence. This collaboration shall focus on issues that adversely impact the university community regarding equity, diversity and inclusive excellence policies and practices in the interacting areas of faculty and student development, scholarship/research, and curriculum. Identified possible changes to policies and practices shall be reported to the Faculty Senate with recommendations; thereby, providing opportunities for communication and discussions among faculty regarding UNCG’s equity, diversity and inclusion issues and initiatives.

Membership: One (1) voting General Faculty member from each electoral division, plus one (1) Faculty Senator. Ex-officio, non-voting members: Chair of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, Director Intercultural Affairs, Director of the University Teaching and Learning Commons, and Provost or appointed representative.

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