The Faculty Senate Committee that carries out the faculty’s primary responsibility for curriculum and instruction is the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. This committee addresses, reviews, and approves undergraduate courses, programs, and related policies, consults with and advises the Provost on academic programs, and provides review and oversight of the General Education requirements. The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee charge also extends to a promotion of diversity in courses, and inclusive pedagogy.

Unit F-Name L-Name Term Campus Email
NUR Sandra Blaha 2019-2022
ExO Teresa Brumfield ExO
VPA Barbara Campbell-Thomas 2017-2020
CAS Laura Chesak 2017-2020
EDU Jill Chouinard 2019-2020
LIB Kathy Crowe 2019-2022
ExO Liane Davenport ExO
BRY Maria DiBenedetto 2017-2020
Senator Gavin Douglas 2016-2019
Liaison Amy Harris-Houk
CAS Travis Hicks 2018-2021
ExO Scott Jones ExO
ExO Jodi Pettazzoni ExO
CAS Martin Tsui 2018-2021
HHS Vacant

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