• April 28 Faculty Senate and General Faculty Meetings

Faculty Senate Zoom Meeting Room

Faculty Senate meetings, customarily on first Wednesdays from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., are open to the public.

See Meeting Dates Here for 2020-2021

As the Senate carries out its scheduled business, guests — other faculty, students, staff, governing board members, administrators, and the general public — are welcome to speak and contribute to our conversations. Also open to the public are the Faculty Forums that we host to explore new issues, consider campus initiatives, and review ongoing Faculty Senate Committee tasks that will require Faculty Senate comment or action.

The essence of shared government, of which Faculty Senate is a partial expression, is the participation of all university community members in shaping our university’s future. We invite you to join us in open expression and reasoned debate, in an atmosphere of inclusive respect for persons and for differing ideas, as we work together for our common goals.