Charge: The purposes of the Student Learning Enhancement Committee are as follows:

(1)  to review the assessment plans for all undergraduate and graduate programs to assure that they are designed to improve student learning based on evidence and to meet accreditation requirements; (2)  to report annually to the Senate on the current status of academic program assessment at UNCG; (3)  to advise the deans of electoral divisions or their designees on how departments might enhance their academic program assessment plans to improve opportunities for student learning; and (4) to make recommendations to the Associate Vice Provost for Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning for actions to be taken to improve UNCG’s efforts to enhance student learning. This committee is also charged to celebrate successful examples of student learning enhancement resulting from assessment activities and to sponsor presentations and workshops to familiarize faculty with assessment practices and benefits.

Membership: One (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate and nine (9) voting members of the General Faculty appointed by the deans of the electoral divisions for staggered three-year terms: two (2) from the College of Arts and Sciences; and one (1) from each of the other electoral divisions. (Deans should appoint excellent teachers and faculty with expertise in undergraduate, graduate, and distance education.) Ex officio:  The Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning, who will support the committee’s work to ensure that opportunities for student learning are enhanced and compliance with SACS academic program assessment mandates is achieved. Nonvoting: a liaison from the General Education Council; an undergraduate student appointed by the Student Government Association; and a graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Association.

ExOLianeDavenportAdministrative Assistant,
Office of Assessment & Accreditation
ExOScottJonesTechnology Support Specialist,
Office of Assessment & Accreditation
ExOJodiPettazzoniAssociate Vice Provost and Director,
Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and
Academic Program Planning
ExOLiaison from General Education Council
ExOStudent appointed by SGA
ExOStudent appointed by GSA

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