Charge: The Grievance Committee shall hear, mediate, and advise with respect to the adjustment of faculty grievances concerned with matters directly related to a faculty member’s employment status and institutional relationships on this campus in accordance with the provisions of The Code of The University of North Carolina. No grievance that grows out of or involves matters related to a formal proceeding for the suspension, discharge, or termination of a faculty member, or that is within the jurisdiction of another Senate committee, may be considered by the Committee.

Membership: One (1) voting General Faculty member elected from each electoral division, of whom at least one (1) is, but no more than three may be, a professional track faculty member; one (1) is an assistant professor; one (1) is an associate professor; and two (2) are professors; plus one (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate. The chair of the Committee must be a tenured associate professor or professor. (No officer of the administration, including department heads and division chairs, shall be eligible to serve on the Committee.)

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