Charge: The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee shall be responsible for monitoring and reporting on intercollegiate athletics to the Senate. Of primary concern to the Committee shall be the academic well-being of the student athletes and the overall integrity of the intercollegiate athletics program. The Committee shall be available to hear and act on complaints and suggestions about intercollegiate athletics from the faculty, students, and other members of the University community. The committee may also be responsible for recommending names of candidates for the Chancellor to consider as the Faculty Representative to the NCAA.

Membership: One (1) voting General Faculty member from each electoral division; plus 1 Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate. Nonvoting: three (3) students (one from the Student Athletes Advisory Committee, one from the Student Government Association, and one from the Graduate Student Association); the Faculty Representative to the NCAA; the Director of Athletics; the Senior Associate Athletics Director; and the Assistant/Associate Director of Athletics for Spartan Academic Support Services.

2024-2025 Faculty Senate Roster: Intercollegiate Athletics

ExOBrianMackinDirector of
ExOKristinRusboldtAssoc. AD for Student-Athlete Support
ExOJodySmithSenior Assoc. Athletics
ExOJeremyBrayFaculty Representative to the

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