Charge: The primary function of the Government Committee is to recommend to the Senate all changes to The Constitution of the General Faculty. Recommendations related to the policies and regulations subject to adoption by the General Faculty shall be forwarded to the Committee for consideration and review before presentation to the Senate. The Committee may, at a dean’s request, review the governance structures adopted by the electoral divisions to determine that they are consistent with The Code of The University of North Carolina, the Promotion, Tenure, Academic Freedom, and Due Process Regulations, and The Constitution of the General Faculty. The Committee shall also recommend to the Senate for its approval procedures for conducting its business. At least every five years, the Committee shall oversee the review of the provisions of The Constitution of the General Faculty, and make recommendations to the General Faculty, as required by II.C.2.o. The chair of the Committee shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

Membership: Four (4) members elected at-large from the voting members of the General Faculty by a vote of the General Faculty; plus one (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate. Nonvoting: the Parliamentarian.

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