Charge: The major purpose of the Committee is to provide faculty counsel to the Chancellor in accordance with the Promotion, Tenure, Academic Freedom, and Due Process Regulations (The Regulations) Section 4.B.iii.b. The Committee will also annually review The Regulations as mandated in The Regulations Section 10.

Membership: The Chair of the Senate and six tenured Senators elected to two-year staggered terms by a majority vote of the Senate. Nonvoting and nonparticipating: the Associate Chair of the Senate. The Chair of the Senate shall serve as the chair of the Committee and shall be a voting member. No department may have more than one member on the Committee at the same time, with the exception of the Chair of the Senate. No member, other than the Chair of the Senate, may serve successive terms on the Committee. No faculty member who is a candidate for promotion may be a member of the Committee during their year of candidacy. In the event that there are not enough tenured faculty members on the Senate to serve on the Committee, nominations for the remaining members will be solicited by the Elections and Appointments Committee from the General Faculty and elected to the Committee by the Senate.

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