Charge: The Scholarly Communications Committee will support the University’s research and teaching missions by consulting with and advising the University faculty in matters relating to the dissemination, use, and archiving of information and knowledge. The Committee will work collaboratively with campus administrators and faculty members to develop and implement a program offering leadership and direction toward altering the current course of scholarly communications, so that it is economically sustainable and ensures the widest possible access to the scholarly record. The Committee will:

  • Analyze issues of scholarly publishing and communication as they apply to academic research institutions like UNCG. Propose short-term and long-term strategies to inform UNCG faculty about these issues;
  • Propose short-term and long-term strategies to inform UNCG faculty about these issues;
  • Provide faculty with guidance on fair use, intellectual property rights, and management of their creative works;
  • Suggest and endorse avenues for individual and collective action, including actions that faculty members can take to contribute to an open and sustainable system of scholarly communication;
  • Promote initiatives and practices that encourage faculty to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with disseminating research, creative works, and teaching materials through new methods and electronic means.

Membership: Two (2) voting General Faculty members from the University Libraries; two (2) members from the College; one (1) from each of the other electoral divisions; and one (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate. Nonvoting: one (1) member from the Office of Research and Engagement; one (1) member from the Office of University Counsel; and one (1) member from UNCG Online.

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