Charge: The Compensation and Welfare Committee shall support the role of faculty members as learned professionals. The Committee shall review and make recommendations on matters concerning professional status and effectiveness in the areas of teaching, research and creative activities, service, and directed professional activity. All matters—including but not limited to salary and benefits; standards of professional performance; professional rights and privileges; working conditions; standards for teaching loads and reduction in load for research and service assignments; and research and other leaves of absence—are relevant. Concerning salaries, the Committee may collaborate with the Office of the Provost to provide periodic and timely reports to the Senate regarding items such as salary comparisons among the electoral divisions, gender and ethnic differences in salaries, and salary inequities between new appointments and continuing appointments in similar disciplines.  Such reports should be based on current and credible data and made in compliance with industry standards.

Membership: One (1) voting member of the General Faculty from each electoral division; plus one (1) Senator appointed by the Chair of the Senate and one (1) member of the Professional Track Faculty Committee, appointed by the chair of that committee, to ensure that there is always a professional track faculty member represented.

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